Thursday, March 31, 2016

Who Can Use This Minnesota Fats Billiard Table?

Who Can Use This Minnesota Fats Billiard Table?

This 8-foot pool table is suitable for any passionate pool player who has enough room to fit it in their home. Its pockets are further apart compared to those of a 7-foot table so it makes the game more challenging. This makes it an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced amateur players and for beginners that want to gain more skill more quickly. Adults of average height and those who are tall will find the table quite comfortable for playing.


The good things about the pool table are:
  • Exciting and challenging game play – The greater distance between the pockets will definitely make the game more fun.
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  • Excellent performance – The table has professional-grade features to ensure proper shots and perfect ball movement.
  • Ease of use – The sights and pockets are great and will certainly add greatly to the convenience of players.
  • Complete equipment set – You can start playing right away.
  • Elegant design – The table should fit well into any game room or living room.
  • Good durability – You can expect the table to remain in good condition and to work properly even in the long term.


The not so good things about this game table are:
  • Not very clear assembly instructions – You need to go over them carefully several times and outline a plan for doing the job.
  • It’s quite heavy – The item weighs 250 pounds so you will certainly need at least one other person to help you with the assembly and installation.


In my opinion, the Minnesota Fats MFT-800 Covington 8-foot billiard table is a very good choice of equipment for home use. It will give you lots of fun for years to come. It is well constructed and reliable.
Source: Red Ball


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