Thursday, March 24, 2016

Awesome Tanks 1

How awesome would it be if you are given a tank to fight, pitted against other tanks in a battleground with nonstop gun blazing and lots of explosion along the way. If you are seeking such excitement and thrill, then Awesome Tanks 1 is the perfect choice. In Awesome Tanks 1 you can blow anything up to the sky with your orange tank. So get ready for super explosive fun and mayhem.
Play now: Red Ball

Controls of the game
The controls of the game are really simple and easy to pick up. Here is the list of each key’s function:
  • W or Up arrow key moves your tank in upward direction
  • S or Down arrow key moves your tank in downward direction
  • A or Left arrow key moves your tankto the left side
  • D or Right arrow key moves your tank to right side
  • The aim of the cannon is determined by hovering of the mouse
  • Left click makes the tank shoot
  • Space bar swaps your weapons
Source:Duck Life


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