Thursday, March 24, 2016

Basketball Scorer

Prepare for some hoop-shooting fun action game from this free online game.
How to Play the Basketball Scorer
Play now: Duck Life

After it has completely loaded, it will show you a screen with “play” option, go ahead and click it. The next screen will show you the title of this game, volume and music control at the upper right corner of the screen and “new game” and “more games” options below, then click on “New Game”. It will make you select mode: Still, Random or Moving. After you have chosen a game mode, it will direct you to the game itself.

With the use of your mouse, you can have total control of the ball and its speed to get it through the hoops. The left button of the mouse will get to hold before you release your ball. On that screen, you will see the menu, pause, restart options, as well as the score and time. The arrow will indicate the direction and how strong is the pressure you have placed on the ball before you release it to fly.
The tricky part about this game is that before you get to shoot the ball on the ring you have to hit some pop up objects around you with the use of the ball only. The star icon will give you additional score, while the clock-like icon will give you more time. The more time you get, the more chances for you to get more points and longer you can play the game. But hit them fast because they immediately disappear.
Source: Red Ball


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