Monday, March 21, 2016

Drunken Wrestlers

You are a loyal fan of Wrestler's game show, let join Drunken Wrestlers to experience yourself. It’s an exciting game of Action games that will never lost your hope. At this game, you have to use any part of your body to attack your opponent. 
Try to let him down ti gain the score. Use the arrow buttons to control this game. Pay attention that your opponent can defeat you just by one kick. Don’t hesitate, if you like smackdown, play it now. Attend our Unblocked Games to get more fun. -
Play now: Duck Life
Minimalistic ragdoll fighting game about drunken wrestlers, created in 7 days for NextCastle DevCup contest
The goal is to force the opponent to lose balance, or inflict critical damage. The match goes to 5 wins.
The game has an opportunity to play together on one device!
This game was made when i was 16.
Source: Red Ball


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